The Priority of Unity

I’m convinced that God wants his people to understand the priority of unity. Unity is not ecumenical alliances, church fellowships and manifestos and creeds and statements produced by conferences and symposiums and synods and councils. Unity is not affirmation of the same thing, the same visible symbol, whether that be the Doctrine of the Holy Ghost or the Apostle’s Creed, or The 5 Solas of the Reformation or the Westminster Confession. Unity is not when you agree with your presiding bishop, when the church comes to consensus, when every vote is unanimous.

These are expressions of unity. But it is possible to have the expression without having the real thing. The answer to the question of why this is happening is wrapped up in the fact that people are perusing these thing because they believe that they either ARE unity or CAUSE unity. Both of those answers couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unity between each other is the RESULT of our union with God. Plain and simple, if you are not united with him, if you have not lived with him, died with him, been buried with him, been resurrected with him, and are now seated with him, and if he does not dwell in you, you cannot be a part of the unity that Christ so famously prayed for in his “High Priestly prayer” (John 17) “Let them be one, even as we are one”

It is easy to participate in acts of unity without experiencing the reality of unity. Just ask anyone who remained exactly the same after their baptism. They “went in a dry devil and came up a wet one.” They participated in the act, the symbol, but not the reality. Just as we confess regularly the apostle’s creed or the church covenant or the 10 commandments or the church vision statement, without participation in their reality, they are shadows but do not bring the substance.

God is really calling for the church in this hour to wake up and become united with him. That’s the real meaning of John 17: I in you you in me. God in Jesus, Jesus in God. God in us, us in God. Us in each other, and each in other in us.

Again notice the Priority of Unity. Let them be one as we are one. God’s unity came before ours. God’s tri-unity sets the example and pattern for our unity. But until we have the Mind of Christ, haven partaken in the divine nature, having tasted of the heavenly gift, and having the kingdom of God (the Holy Ghost) in us, we can never fully realize the reality that the symbols portray. We can never be really one.

I invite you to participate in the reality. And it’s really simple.

Just change your mind. That is, change how you think about the thing of God, and the things God says and the things God calls sin and abomination until your though align with the Word of God.

Then change your emotions. Feel how God feels. Be angry at the things that anger God, and sin not. Weep at the things God weeps at. Let your heart break by the thing that break Gods Heart.

Then change your will. Decide to do differently, treat them differently, in a manner consistent with your renewed mind, and your renewed emotions.

And above all read the Word, the written and transmitted portion of the mind of God. We are transformed by this renewing of the mind.

When you are united with him, you are united to those that are united with him, and to you i say, welcome to that elusive place we are all trying to reach called unity. Sure looks different than you though it would, doesn’t it?


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  1. I heartily agree; unity has nothing to do with theological opinions or creeds or confessions. Unity is the love that underlies our attitudes and behaviors toward those with whom we disagree, that causes our concern for their problems, our pain for their injuries. That’s why I love Calvinists and Wesleyan/Arminians alike. Anyone who professes Christ and lives to glorify him is my brother or sister, an equal member of God’s church.


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